Anybody writing a blog wants to have a cool, memorable and meaningful name for it. So why did I pick "Locus"?
Well, the idea of this site is to have one reference point for all the people and places that influence me. All the links on this site have an effect on the way I think or feel. Though it could never be complete, to some degree, they define me.

Looky here: (Wikipedia)
"The word locus (plural loci) is Latin for 'place'... In mathematics, a locus is the set of points satisfying a particular condition. It is mostly used when the set of points forms a curve of some sort (see locus (mathematics))... A circle is the locus of points from which the distance to the center is a given value, the radius." Sort of a small circle of friends.
"An ellipse is the locus of points, the sum of the distances from which to the foci is a given value." This is what you get with two people, each with their own focus.

I wish I could say I've made it clear, but in any case, I've said it.
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New link: "Engines of our Ingenuity"

I've been meaning to put this link on here for a long time. John Lienhard is an engineer, primarily, but that can spill over into almost anything. Though much older than I, he is still in touch with the boyish joy of tinkering...
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A Small Circle of Friends

moved to:
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My on line encyclopedia

I'm not a great on-line researcher. In fact, the main reason for this blog is to bring together whatever puny resources I have and combine them with what a few choice other people are using.

Wikipedia is a resource I stole the link to from Taran, and I find it most useful on Sunday mornings trying to solve the 'quoteacrostic' in the paper. Sometimes nothing seems to help, but on the usual Sunday, using Wikipedia seems almost like cheating.
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Suffolk Bike Riders Association

About twenty years ago the food service industry began to take a toll on my health, particularly in the area immediately above my belt. Running was in style at the time, but profoundly flat feet and a tendancy to 'shin splints' left me looking for something low impact. I decided to buy a bike.

I had done well enough with a three speed as a kid, but things were different now. I didn't have the power to muscle through bad gearing matches, and it was easy to avoid periods of having nothing better to do. I still kinda wanted to, but progress was slow.

Finally, in 1989, I rode twenty miles in a charity event. It was the first time I saw people riding well equiped and maintained bikes. I was so impressed by the results of those advantages that I immediatly joined two clubs that eventually taught me to cycle effectively. SBRA was one of those clubs, and I'm pleased to add their site to my links list.
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Cousin Arnell

My cousin Arnell has always been pretty laid back. He can always enjoy himself, and usually enjoys a joke without getting upset. Sometimes I feel guilty over some of the jokes we've played on him.

Now he's all grown up, and he continues to accept whatever challenges are thrown his way with, as far as I can tell, honest good humor. Of course, he's too busy to update his site very often, but I like to look in often, so I see the changes the same day. His links reflect some of his challenges.
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