Cousin Arnell

My cousin Arnell has always been pretty laid back. He can always enjoy himself, and usually enjoys a joke without getting upset. Sometimes I feel guilty over some of the jokes we've played on him.

Now he's all grown up, and he continues to accept whatever challenges are thrown his way with, as far as I can tell, honest good humor. Of course, he's too busy to update his site very often, but I like to look in often, so I see the changes the same day. His links reflect some of his challenges.
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Anonymous arnell said...

Hey, It's me!
Thanks for the link. Yes, I am finally updating my site, and your blog (and others) are on the link page.

Keep biking, I did 20 miles today! (work and back) Unfortunatly, the weather here, and the lack of daylight will move my bike to the basement.

9/27/2005 10:15:00 PM  

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