Suffolk Bike Riders Association

About twenty years ago the food service industry began to take a toll on my health, particularly in the area immediately above my belt. Running was in style at the time, but profoundly flat feet and a tendancy to 'shin splints' left me looking for something low impact. I decided to buy a bike.

I had done well enough with a three speed as a kid, but things were different now. I didn't have the power to muscle through bad gearing matches, and it was easy to avoid periods of having nothing better to do. I still kinda wanted to, but progress was slow.

Finally, in 1989, I rode twenty miles in a charity event. It was the first time I saw people riding well equiped and maintained bikes. I was so impressed by the results of those advantages that I immediatly joined two clubs that eventually taught me to cycle effectively. SBRA was one of those clubs, and I'm pleased to add their site to my links list.
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