Ethics in Blogging

Recently, I have been making comments on other's blogs. And I'm not sure that's the best way of letting my thoughts be known.

My style is rough and distracting, my thinking is episodic, I often split off on tangents and can easily jump to totally unrelated topics. That is to say I really shouldn't clog up someone else's comment space with a lot of remarks that don't advance one side or another of the discussion in progress there.

Some have remarked that blogs that simply point to others with content the owner finds interesting are a non-creative waste of bandwidth and storage space. But this is the only way the majority of people can participate. I'm not particularly sharp-witted. Engaging in brilliant repartee is for me a suicidal mission. But occasionally I see an idea that I think would produce interesting results in the hands of a more agile mind. So I point.

Nobody has to take up the challenges I suggest. Many are doubtless useless babble. Fortunately, by keeping my comments where their aurthorship is clear, my friends and relatives needn't fear getting excess litter on their sites & blogs.

I have three kinds of readers: Friends, who will read whatever I write(I also have friends who never read me!); relatives, similar to friends (above); and random readers, those who hit my blog at random. Any of these might choose to introduce my work to another audience. Or not. Or any of them might be inspired to publish thier own thoughts on something I've said, or on some unrelated topic I brought to mind for them.

In my view, this is the true democracy of the net: If you care to, spread my idea... as your own, if you like. And if you don't like it, you don't have to do anything... just let it sit there. If I have a good idea, it will spread. All the rest of them will just go away. I will try not to embarrass myself, but I will feel free to say whatever I am willing to accept responsibility for.
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